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EDC 90 Prof. Kates  

Lesson Planner and Reflecton form for assigned activity


Open-ended Art Activity 


Learning Objectives:

Please go to the New York State Education Department web site at: www.p12.nysed.gov/ciai/common_core_standards/

Scroll down and click on either:

 New York State P-12 Common Core Learning Standards for English Language Arts & Literacy


New York State P-12 Common Core Learning Standards for Mathematics.

Look in the Table of Contents for the grade and subject for your lesson.

Go to that section, choose at least two standards that you hope students will learn from your lesson and write them below. Be sure to include the name and number of the standard you’re citing:



• develop skills with a variety of art materials and

competence in at least one medium (standard 2, page 13)  



• explain their reflections about the meanings, purposes

 of works of art; describe their responses to

the works and the reasons for those responses (standard 3, page 19)



Then, fill in whatever else you hope students will learn in each of the domains listed below:


Physical: Children will be able to develop their fine and gross motor skills by tearing, cutting, and gluing the materials on the card board.



Intellectual: Children will be able to imagine and create.



Emotional/Social: While making collage, children will be able to communicate with their peers and share their ideas. Also they will be able to share tools to make collage.



Materials and Set-up: (use the back of this paper or an additional sheet)

List everything you will need. Describe where the lesson will take place and the physical set up, including seating arrangement, arrangement of materials, etc.


I will have six to five children sitting on the table.

I will have colorful papers (hard and soft), colorful cottons and different designed small papers.

I will have liquid glue on three small container and brushes.


Method: (use the back of this paper or an additional sheet)

Describe in as much detail as possible, what you imagine yourself and the children saying and doing. Include description of how you will introduce the activity and its purposes and procedures, how you will integrate children’s thoughts and ideas, how you will make sure that all are engaged and occupied, and how you will try to design the activity so that it meets the learning objectives listed above.



I will put materials in the middle and explain them what they are. Children will be engaged and have


fun doing this activity. I will walk around or site to watch and observe children.







Children were sitting the way I imagined. They accepted new materials easily.



            I wanted to work with six children, but it came up to eight children because other kids wanted to join and I couldn't say no.



            Children were engaged and enjoyed doing collage. It helped to develop their imagination and most of them were able to tell what they made.



            One student was playing with glue and it was more interesting for him than making a collage.

            It was difficult for me to pay attention to each of them because I had more            than six children.



            Children were able to use their imagination and create interesting collages. The evidence is they were able to tell me what they made or tried to make.



            I would tell children that only certain number of students can do this activity.

            I would pay better attention to each of the children and talk more about their art.




DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.