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Nicholas DePalo

Professor Peter Fiume

Education 20

18 September 2011

Educational/Autobiographical Paper

            My experiences in school growing up have helped to influence me to become a teacher. The experiences were different things ranging from reading a book for the first time to learning a new song and dance. The experiences that I had gave me a lot of confidence in my decision to become a teacher because they showed me exactly what it takes to be a teacher. From these experiences, I got to see everything that a teacher does to run a classroom.

            My earliest school memory is in Pre-K with my teacher Mrs. Alfonso. She sat us down for circle time on this colorful rug that she called the “Rug of Learning.” During this time, Mrs. Alfonso taught us the numbers and the alphabet. She would incorporate fun games into the whole learning experience. One of the games that she would play is that she would say a letter and then we would have to find an object in the room beginning with that letter. Then, we would count the objects to see how many of them there are. And after a little while of learning our numbers and letters, Mrs. Alfonso would give us a reward consisting of candy or some small toys.

            The setting of the school was a very child-friendly environment and this allowed for my experience to help influence my decision to become a teacher. The school where I went was Resurrection Middle School in Gerritsen Beach, Brooklyn. The school consisted of classes for Pre-K, Kindergarten, and 1st to 8th grade. The classroom was huge with a lot of windows lining the bright blue colored walls. The classroom also had certain areas designated for different educational things. For example, there was a library, an area with blocks, and a sand table. The teachers that were there were Mrs. Alfonso and her assistant Ms. White. My Pre-K class consisted of about 25 kids of all different races ranging from Arabic to Vietnamese. We were all between the ages of 3 and 4. The other kids in the classroom were just like any other 3 or 4 year old – loud, obnoxious, and crazy. But Mrs. Alfonso and Ms. White knew exactly what to do to keep them in line.

            There were many people involved in my earliest school memory. The people who were involved were Mrs. Alfonso, Ms. White, and the other kids in the classroom. Also, everybody played a crucial role in this experience. Mrs. Alfonso and Ms. White were the leaders of the classroom and they acted as the guiding force in my learning of the world around me. For example, they kept the lesson on track, no mattered what happened. The other kids allowed me to learn in many different ways. For example, I was able to see how others learn the same thing in different ways. Mrs. Alfonso, Ms. White, and the other kids helped give me confidence on my decision to become a teacher. They made me feel like I was learning exactly what it takes to be a teacher early in life. Everybody interacted perfectly together. Mrs. Alfonso and Ms. Whit were like a well oiled machine and the other kids were like the many gears. When they interacted together, the machine works without any problems.

            My earliest school memory has greatly influenced my decision to become a teacher. It helped me to see what it takes to be a teacher. I saw how much time and effort it takes. For example, I saw how much effort it takes to keep the children concentrated on the lesson. The experience also showed that a teacher needs to know what they are doing. A teacher can’t just come in the classroom without knowing what they are going to do; they need to know what they are going to do and how to teach it to the kids. Basically, the experience showed me that it takes a lot of time, effort, and sacrifice to be a teacher.

            Another way that the experience influenced my decision to become a teacher is that it shows me that our generation needs to help out the next generation of people. What this means is that the next generation needs to be put on the right path in life and know the difference between what is right and wrong. For example, as a teacher, I can teach my students that making fun of somebody is wrong. I will also have to be the mediator and guidance in the classroom and in the kids’ lives. As an older person, the kids will be watching everything I am doing and look to me as a role model. Therefore, I have to show my students the right things to do in life.

            My earliest school memory has also showed that learning can be fun. Learning something new doesn’t always have to be dull and boring. As a teacher, I can make learning something new very fun. For example, I can make learning the alphabets into a game where it can involve a song or dance. Kids won’t learn anything if they find it boring, so they need to be amused so that they can learn. Playing games, listening to music, watching TV, reading books and many more things can be good things to make the kids interested in learning. Basically, I learned that I need to keep my lessons amusing to kids so they will learn the lesson.

            Many experiences throughout my years in school have helped influence my decision to become a teacher. The experiences showed me exactly what it takes to be a teacher. For me to be a successful teacher, I need to put my time and patience into making my students experience of learning into something that they will never forget. Also, I will need to have the confidence that my students and I will be able to learn new things from one another. All in all, my many experiences throughout my many years of school showed me that being a teacher can be a very enriching job.

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