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Mukumaoy Olimjonova

May 19, 2015


Log 8


        This log is the summary of my case study. She is an average student in the kindergarten classroom. She is six years old and a very friendly child in the class. I was able to observe her during many different activities and work with her as well. During this short time I  have learned a lot of  things about her. 

         The child I observed in the Public School 321 on 7th Avenue I named Hayley.   She is in class Kindergarten-222. From the very beginning of my visit I learned that Hayley is very talkative and friendly child in the class. She has all the skills for kindergarten  such as writing, reading and solving math problems.  In my first observation of Hayley I learned that she was caring, responsible and social child in her group. She often came early in the mornings and she would immediately  start doing her work for the morning which the main teacher  prepared them every morning. Once she was done she would check her job for the day and check in her attendance. After that she would always help her classmates who sat next to her to do the work, or correct them and even explain them the work. From my first observation Hayley participated in group work  really well and she always worked with her learning partner really well.  

             Hayley often was the first student to raise her hand and answer the questions that the main teacher gave to her students.  And when she  was not sure about the answer she would not raise her hand, she would wait for others to answer. Most of the time she was the first student to obey and move on for the next activity. She would be  the first one in her center to stop and clean up when teacher ordered the class to do so. Even when the main teacher was absent it did not affect Hayley’s attitude in the classroom, she acted normally and always finished her work for the day. She never left  her work unfinished.  Every time when children were send to the rug to take a book and read, Hayley would get her book and sit quietly at the corner and read the book which she chose. She seemed to be enjoying and she always finished her book before putting it back.  When using materials she use  materials with creative pleasure and created something that was really representative.  She enjoys being outdoors. She loves to run around the playground in the front of the school as well walk and follow the line while they go to trips. And every time when they went on the trip she would walk with her partner and hold his hand. During transition period she did not have any struggle to move on. For her it usually went smoothly and successfully.  And she is well adopted to the routines of the class and follows them without any distraction.  Also I learned that she acts like a leader. When one child asked help from her she said “I will open your snack, but I will take one of your cookies". She has grown so much during this time. She started to think in different ways and over the time she became more socially active.

       My first impression on my case study did actually change little bit. During this time period I have learned a lot of thing about Hayley. She was advanced and developed maturely for this class. She knew well about the things that was going around her and she followed the news. Every single time I have learned new things about her.  I really think that in future, if she kept up the hard work she would be really successful. If I were  her teacher, I would provide her with little more challenging materials because I think that she has grown up and the materials which they are doing is easy for her. Also I would suggest her to read more harder books, because I have learned that she can read a lot of books without any difficulty.

         Every experience for children at a young age should be learning one that helps them understand the world around them. I really want to see this child to success in the rest of her education years. I see a very bright future for this young girl who can be someone great in future. I really loved and enjoyed observing this child. It opened up the opportunities for me to see how children can really be unique and smart. I was able to learn things about children whether it something they do or act.  I am really glad that I was given this opportunity.


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.