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Mukumaoy Olimjonova

April 24, 2015


Log 5 

      For this Log, I will be recording two students behavior during their routines. I will first document the behavior of Hayley and than another student M.

       Every morning class has their schedule and routines to follow. The schedule for children hung next to the blackboard for the class to refer back to. And the main teacher usually informs the class of the next activity that they are going to be doing. I decided to observe two students while they arrive at school in the morning and during their snack time. As I observed my case study Hayley and her classmate M I have learned how children behave during their routines.

        This morning April 20th one of the parent came to introduce the class to her child (the student). While she was waiting inside of the class children had began their routines.

         Hayley was the third student who entered the classroom. Before entering the classroom she left her book bag outside in the hallway in the basket under her table number. Then she walked inside of the classroom with a happy face holding her lunch box in one hand and her snack in other hand. She placed her lunch box on the shelf and walked over her table to put her snack on the basket. Then she walked over the closet and hung her jacket above her hook. After she walked over to the attendance chart and changed her card. Then she silently went back to her desk sat and started working on her "Do Now" which every morning main teacher, assistant teacher or me prepare for children on their table their morning work. When she was done with her work she placed her paper on the parking lot where all children put their finished work. Then she went back on her table and helped one of her friend who really works well when she helps him to do. 

        When it was snack time Hayley took her snack out of the basket with the smile on her face. It seemed like she was hungry and wanted to eat right away. But she patiently waited for the main teacher's approval to start the snack. Before that she opened her rice krispie treat without asking any help from the adults in the room. When Hayley saw one of her classmates who opened his snack and took a small bite, she said with an expression on her face, "I saw you do not eat". When children got the approval of a teacher she began to bite her snack very slowly and she chewed it without rushing. While eating her snack she was socializing with her friends from the same table. She managed to eat and talk at the same time without any problem. When she finished eating she took her garbage and pushed her chair back easily and left the table to throw out the garbage. Then she returned to her table and waited for others to finish, while she was there she did talk with her friends and some of them offered a cookie to her which she accepted with a pleased face. 

         I have learned that Hayley comes to the school with her parents, but they drop her and sister in front of the school and her sister leaves her next to her classroom. Where she leaves her book bag in the basket and wait to enter the room. Also when its snack time she waits for everyone.

         When in the morning M had arrived in the classroom, it was a time where most of the students were hanging their jackets inside of the closet. M seemed unhappy and annoyed at something. She went back and forth to talk with her mother. When her mother left, M went straight to her table and put her head on the table and covered her face with her hands. It seemed that she was crying because of something which her mother refused to do. I waited for some time, I didn't go right away and when I was walking toward her, one of the parents in the classroom have noticed her and walked with her child to M's table. M stood up and started to talk with them and explain while the parent softly touching her and tried to calm her down. After a while she was calm and started to do her "Do Now". During that time she lost she did not take out her sweater and fixed her attendance which most of the students do right away. When she was done she placed her work in the parking lot and went to the meeting center to check for her job and schedule. 

         When it was snack time M got up to get her lunch box. Inside of her lunch box she had her snack and lunch, but she took out her snack only and put her lunch box back on the shelf. She walked back to her table and started opening her little bag to get her gold fish snack. Then she started to open her snack very carefully. She knew if she opened wrong they will spill out. While opening she didn't ask for help, instead she tried to help her friends who were next to her and she was as well waiting for the approval of teacher to begin. When children started to eat M was eating and chewing her snack fast. She ate with her hands and as well she was counting her snack while eating. During the snack time she was talking with her friends and would also stand up and walk to different tables to talk. When she was done she placed her bag under the table which she sits. Then she threw her garbage and went back to her seat to talk with her friends. 

         I learned that M comes to the school with her mom, who drop her in-front of the classroom. She is little impatient as well. She seems to forget or miss the activities.

         When comparing these two children, I see that they are very different from each other. Hayley in my view is confident and responsible child who follows the rules and prepares on time. While M seemed to get the attention to her and not follow the instructions in the morning. Maybe M had a bad day, and it was hard for her to begin the morning. Couple of time I noticed when M doesn't like the way things are she starts to complain while Hayley adapts to the situation easily. 

         However, I learned that both children like to socialize and share their thoughts with friends. And I did not hear any complaints about them from their classmates. Also both of them seemed to follow the rules of the classroom. During this observation I have learned that they act, behave and learn from each other and respond to the situations by their mood.


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.