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Mukumaoy Olimjonova

March 30, 2015


Log 4

      I am observing Hayley's use of materials for the second time. I decided to observe Hayley when she was using Magna Tiles. Two girls and one boy were the using same material as well. Hayley began taking the Magna Tiles and placing them on the table. At first all children were taking their own pieces and building their own things. But when a fifth child got involved and wanted to join the Magna Tile group Hayley immediately told him " Only four of us can play". The other children in the group as well started to make noise. When the  main teacher heard the noise and came over to the area she suggested that the fifth child  join another group. Three other students in the group started to work together while Hayley was working by herself.

        After when main teacher left and children were on their own once again Hayley seemed satisfied and continued building her piece. Hayley took Magna tiles and started placing magna tiles on top of one another. She was placing squares on top of one another and making a small roof using small shaped triangles  in the middle of it. Then she again placed little square shaped magna tiles on top of one another. She was building so high that children in class were not allowed to build anything that passes their nose. When assistant teacher saw her piece of work he commented to her not to go higher than her nose. Hayley immediately started to measure it and looking at me because I was near she said that " it is not high". However, she stopped building and seemed little frustrated because she knew she couldn't go any further. Hayley thought for a little time and looked around at her friends who were engaged in the same activity. She started to build a small square building with  one side open and also she added roof. This piece seemed like a house. Then she brought some other materials and added to the inside of her work. She brought the shapes which they did from duplos. Hayley used magna tiles until the main teacher said it was time to clean up. 

        During this time period which I observed her use of material magna tile I have learned that Hayley stays engaged and interested in the activity all the time. During her use of materials I noticed that if a square or triangle fell she kept fixing it and building. She kept building her tower until hearing the assistant teacher's comment of not going anymore. I learned that she obeys the rule and respects others. She does what she was told to do.

           The second child I observed was using the same materials and working with two other children. I observed a girl M working with one girl and one boy. M and others were using magna tiles and building house shaped building too but with different shapes. I did not ask M what she was building with magna tile because all of the time she was building something and destroying it to build something else again. When one of the child accidentally ruined the piece she did not bothered to fix it. Instead she told the others to build something different. While working she would look around the class and at her table. She had communication with her group and as well  as discussion on building or using some materials. 

          From this observation I learned that M is  not  fully interested in the activity which she chose. She showed me that she can use or change easily from one activity to another. Also I learned that she easily works in the group. 

             During this observation of the children's use of materials I have learned how children are the same and at the same time different. Hayley seems more of an independent and engaged child than her peer who was involved in the same activity. Also I got the idea that Hayley was talkative child but she doesn't like to share her ideas or talk while she works. While M talks and listens to other's point of view. These two children are unique on their own way and taught me different ways that they use materials. I found out that Hayley can easily work in the activity which she chose for a long time and stays interested on it, while M tries many different ways to entertain herself in the activity. 

            Observing different children use of materials shows how different each child is. Different children have different ideas and ways of using materials and which helps educators to learn about the children.


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.