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Mukumaoy Olimjonova

March 24, 2015


Log 3

      The child I observed  previously and for this log is the same, and I named her Hayley. She is a quiet and friendly child. I chose to observe her because she was the first child who  came and talked to me from the first day I went to their class.  As I observed her behavior, I did not want her to feel like she was being watched because many people act uncomfortable and different when they know someone is watching them. My focus on this observation was to see Hayley's outdoor and indoor behavior.

       On Monday March 23rd K-222 children had a slightly different day, because their main teacher was absent and a substitute teacher was covering her absence.  However, this issue did not affect Hayley. Hayley is a friendly and independent child who can communicate with her peers easily. In the morning children had their writings to do.When  the children were done, they were allowed   to go on the  carpet or to the block area for some time to let others finish. She spent all of her time engaged on a mat reading a book of her choice. She spent almost 20 minutes reading a book on her own and then two children joined her. When the children came next to her she was done with her book, she immediately picked up a new book. She held the book and carefully turned each page without rushing. She seemed to know the story and she carefully observed  the pictures and told children what she thought about it. I did not want to interrupt the children so I kept my distance. Because once when I interfered with children they asked me "if I can read the book for them". 

         Hayley is very calm and at the same time very talkative child. I noticed that when she read the book alone she sat very quietly and in soft voice she read the book. But when one girl and a boy showed up she did stopped reading and started to observe the pictures with children and discuss with each other. Hayley seemed very friendly with her friends. When she read the book with other children, she showed respect and would not mind others to join her. During this activity she was serious. When substitute teacher announced it was time to stop what they were doing and move on. Some children continued on their play, while she immediately put the book back in the shelf with open smile on her face. Presence of substitute teacher did not affect the behavior of Hayley. She and children around her immediately listened to the directions and were waiting others. When children cleaned up and gathered to the carpet area, they had read the book with whole class and had some time left before their trip. Assistant teacher advised instead of having center time to play a group game. So K-222 played "Seven up game". Where four students stood up in front of everybody while rest children were seated. Seated students had their heads down and thumbs up, while four standed students go around and touch one child's thumb and whose thumb was touched had to put it down. When four students returned back the touched ones would stand up and guess who touched their thumb. If they get it right they'll switch spots, if not they'll stay where they are. While playing this game with whole group Hayley got excited. She was one of four students who stood up in front. When she chose one of the student's thumb and returned back, she would look at him  or her to see if they know about her, her eyes were sparkling. Once she would point on herself and tell the student " I picked you, not M I was the one". Many children enjoyed the game and did not want to finish.  But when I observed Hayley on Friday when their main teacher was there during the author study children were handed books of the author and were told to look on the pictures (collage arts ) that author made, instead she  read the book quietly which impressed me a lot.

       I have learned  that she loves to  read books. When main teacher said to clean up Hayley did not finish  reading her book she said to one of the students with frustrated voice "I am not finished reading yet", but when she was done she smiled and said "Now you can take my book". Also I recognized that she acts differently in different situations.

      When it was time for children to get ready and go on Trip, Hayley was able to dress up and zip her jacket on her own. Then she picked her lunch-box and went at the back of the line and called her partner like saying "S come on, we stay here". For the outside observation I was able to observe her during the walk, to the puppet works show. Children went into the front yard. The yard has all different types of equipments for children to play on. As K-222 walked outside I watched Hayley's behavior. She would hold the door and follow the line. When they were outside she run over the gate, and left her lunch-box next to the gate and returned to her line. During the Puppet works walk there were four adult parent, three teacher including myself.  I was walking with five students at the back of the line including Hayley. I hold one of the student's hand and walked behind Hayley and her partner. While walking she talked with her partner and said him " Hold my hand, do not pick that book". She talked in a soft voice with him and as well with other students. 

      This walk proved me that she is more responsible and friendly with her friends. I noticed that she is calm and talkative person.Even when we out in-front of the school where children usually have their outside activity she seemed very calm, she run off the edge, and played with other children.Also she would run around the playground and it seemed that she was enjoying her time outside.

      The difference between both setting was that during outside children does not have much choice or freedom. They had to follow instruction which were set for them during the classroom. While inside children have more power and choices to choose what they want to do. Inside children felt more independent and would choose what ever they want to do. Hailey in my view seems a very calm person even in an atmosphere that was not calm at all.  However the absence of main teacher did not affect Hayley's behavior. While some children felt distress about the change in their routines, she adopted to the change easily.


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.