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Mukumaoy Olimjonova

March 21, 2015


Log 2

    After I finished reading Chapter 3, to get the understanding how children use materials I began writing Log 2. The classroom is full of materials which are available for children to use. All the materials are well organized on the shelves.There is plenty of room in each section where materials are and space for children to move around and use the materials.The good thing about the classroom is that everything is labeled and each child has his or her own mailbox where they can put their belongings.

     Materials and supplies are enough for each child who is involved in the activities. Materials are labeled on open shelves covered with curtains while children work on their studies. During center time children can reach and use materials independently. The main teacher lets children to choose what activity and material they want to use which encourages children to learn and be responsible for their decisions. I noticed that children run off to their area of choice and cooperate really well with each other. 

     As for my case study I have selected Hayley. The main teacher said that children were working on puzzles and shapes this week, so for their morning f  'Do Now'  I have put out a tray of pattern blocks and  paper. It was great opportunity for me to observe how children use materials and use their imagination to create what they plan to built. When Hayley arrived she put her belongings in the  closet and went straight to do her morning activity. She sat on her chair and carefully started to use blocks. She made a perfect flower out of them, while making it she interacted with her classmates and even told others how to built it.I think that before using blocks she  already  had experience with them and she knew what she was building. While taking blocks she would match the color and shape of them. She would count and carefully place it on the table to built her flower.After she was done and it was time to move on she started to clean up carefully. She would pick up each block piece by piece and put it on the tray. I had an impression that she did not want to ruin her work.

      At choice time, which is after snack time, children came to the rug and main teacher told them what they can use during this time. As I noticed all children ran off to their area of choice, but she was looking where to go to I did not go over to her. I just observed  what she was doing and finally she walked over her desk and sat down on writing area. She got a piece of paper and a pen. These pens are little different  which come in many different colors and they  sparkle which students like to use.

     She began drawing at the time I was observing her. She was using different colors. Her body looked calm while she was working.  She works carefully and put all of her effort on it. She was sitting next to four other students. She was asking other children to pass pens silently. She did socialize with children and asked about their drawings. When she saw that one of the pens did not write and was messy with ink, she carefully picked up using two of her fingers and threw it on the garbage.  Main teacher  reminded children how long left for the activity, when she told children to start to clean up. She immediately started to finish up the last things on her drawing. Then she put all the pens back on the pen holder. After she pushed her chair and put her work in her mailbox, then she went to wait on the rug. This activity took her 25 minutes.She drew a picture and wrote underneath of it.

       I learned that she is a hard working student. She follows directions very well. She focuses on what she is trying to do. For example; with pattern blocks she thought carefully and used the blocks carefully. She sits and thinks what exactly she wants to do for a while then she works on it. She did not throw the materials around, she was very careful with her activity and she does what exactly what main teacher asked of her.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.