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Mukumaoy Olimjonova

                             Philosophy of Education.

     Teaching is a strong power which is given to those who  expect to change the future of children who enter  school.  Education is the doorway in life which opens the opportunities for children and adults to reach success and go further in future. Education is something that never ends, from birth and on, a person is learning and they never stop to do so. Most people would not be able to succeed without education.

      The purposes of the early childhood education are to develop the successful future of child, to teach about the world which  surrounds all of us, to make every child feel special  and confident, and the most, to make children to love learning. Those needs teachers must   create for every child, because students have great opportunities through education. Many times these opportunities are affected by how teachers present the material to their students.

      As an future teacher, I have a lot of goals, but the most I hope that a student would take something new from every class that has been taught to them. I want my students to always feel encouraged and important no matter what the situation is. As an adult in the classroom with children we should inspire and help children learn. As a future teacher I will always keep children thinking and striving to learn. And to be able to reach these goals I  believe  that teachers should have some behaviors and qualities. Such as they should know the child's parents; they should know the child's personality. They should  have a good communication with the  child's parents.  Teachers should earn the student's trust and should inspire their students. All of the above the most  important I think  is having a good communication with the parents of children. Because while educators share the achievements of their child, parents would be interested at school as well and  will work with their children even outside of the school. 

      Children learn under certain condition and ways which  educators should know about their student development. Those conditions are such as play, collaboration with student and teacher, by the experience and vision, but the most under the safe environment which teacher should establish.  I believe that children should learn and experience their thoughts together which helps them to be more confident and  open to their friends. I believe that children learn through  play faster and play helps children grow in all ares of development. Also young children have certain needs which must need to be met if they are about to grow and learn. Those basics  are to understand the child level of knowledge than move on, help each student face their difficulties as a individual , never overwhelm students by giving lots of homework which they won't be able to do on their own and always talk about their feelings about a certain work or assignment. 

       The environment of the classroom for the students should be in a bright classroom, which is full of the books which  children are  interested in and connected to their home. Because each learner experiences herself or himself away from their home for the long time and might get little scary so I value the presence of the home environment in the classroom. By filling or establishing classroom  by the needs of children thats connected to their home, education would be the first thing for them. It is easy to earn the trust of children by establishing a good environment for them, a safe place which they share their childhood and the convenient learning. I want the class feel like a family.

        Lastly,   the philosopher which I have a similar view about teaching or educating children and with whom I was influenced   is Patty Smith Hill's vision on education.Our similarity is that she valued the children's play as a better way to learn as I do. Also she saw an importance to serve the children's nature and connect children to their home as a way of educating. There are many other philosophers who I agree with but Patty Smith Hill is  the role model who influenced me.  

        Education is a very important part of every child life. Education changes the view of the child, it makes them to think before acting and share their thoughts in their surroundings. As you can see my philosophy view is important to my own self because this makes me who I really want to be and why I choose the education environment.



DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.