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Instructor: Judith Valdez

From; Mukumaoy Olimjonova

Fall 2013

                                         Me as a Child.

        Every child during their childhood has a special event which they are faced with. Those experiences in early childhood teach them a lot and are memorable event of their life. As I grew up I had a lot of special events and memorable lessons.  

         Even though I was the first child of my parents , the first granddaughter, the first niece, and the primary focus of my entire extended family. My parents were young and energetic when I was born  and had every good intention for their first baby. I grew up with a lot of opportunities, secure in the knowledge that I was loved, free from fear, and confident that my world was close to perfect. There was nothing worth worrying about. And I was the center of a world for my grandfather.  But I never have been taught  about my culture and our customs which I'm learning even nowadays.  The first and the  best special event  which taught me a lesson about my culture was  a traditional celebration of boys.

        It was a tradition to celebrate the event with friends and family members. It took place in my country Uzbekistan. I was 5years old. Back  than  I was the only granddaughter in our family. I was surrounded only boys around me. My cousins and I  used  to do everything together. One day my four brothers had an circumcision day coming up. My uncle and my father bought to each of them new costume which they should wear.

        The costume was special which included coat, hat and the shoes. When I saw those costumes on my brothers I wanted to be similar and wear too, but my uncle explained that only boys wear  them not girls. I didn't listen to him and told him that why should my brother and your three son look similar and me different. I cried and questioned my mother why did they separate me.

          My grandfather heard our conversation and we both went to a  store to get the costume for me too. He bought a dress and the similar coat. When I came home wearing similar everybody was surprised. On that celebration a lot of my grandfather's friend came. All of them brought gifts to my brothers. My grandfather had bought a doll and teddy bear for me. And made it like it was also the celebration  of  mine.

           When I found out the meaning of the celebration I was shocked by my reaction to it. But still I think it was a great memory of mine. My thoughts on that day are surprises me because my grandfather had given me such a wonderful memory. Whenever we watch the video and the pictures of that day it reminds me to be equal to every child no matter what gender they are.

            I think it's such a good experience to my future career. As a teacher we should understand the psychology of the child, we should listen, explain and consider every child equally. Each of those events have  their own meaning and the lesson which shapes our lives.

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