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Mukumaoy Olimjonova

April  20, 2015


Lesson Plan.

Name of the activity; Play Dough

Objective: Children will be able to use different ingredients to make dough.

                 Children will be able to use their fine motor skills and social skills.

                 Children will be able to count while using ingredients.

N-Y city Core Competency: 

                10.Actively engage in group reading activities with purpose and understanding.


     -Flour                        - Salt  

      -Water                      -Cups           

     -Bowl                         -Food coloring (optional)


    I will prepare all the materials on the table for children so they can make something home-made out of play dough. I will show the chart which I prepared for them and explain them each step to which they have to follow.The activity will take about 30 to 35 minutes. I want to work in the book room or outside in the hallway with children where all of them can work without any distraction and learn.

The activity:

     Introduction; First I will start off by asking the children, if they have done play dough before. or Have you ever done something of your own?Then I will tell children that we are going to make play dough today and each child can do it by themselves.

     Information;  I will teach  children how to make play dough by introducing them to the poster I did and following the steps to make the play dough.


      Steps to carry out the activity.

       - Put three cups of flour into a bowl

      - Put one cup of salt into the same bowl

      -Pour one cup of water into the same bowl

      -And mix them all together

 After I introduce the steps, I will  let them to follow the poster which I made to do their play dough. I will let them explore the dough which they made and play with it some time.

      Questions That I will ask during the lesson or after the lesson.

      Factual; -What did we use for this activity?

                     What did we make?

     Open-ended;- What were the important ingredients?

                            What can you add differently?

      Inferential: - What if we did not use water?

                         What would be different if we did not use the salt?

        Bloom's Taxonomy;  List the ingredients we used for this activity? Which one of them was important to use and analyze?

       Closure;   When children finish working  on their play dough I will tell them that they can put their dough into the bag. Then I will give each child a job to do fot the clean up. Like: throw the rest ingredients into the trash can and clean up the table. Then I will tell them to use the restroom to wash their hands, cups and bowl. And importantly I will tell them to not put the ingredients into the sink.


    Lesson evaluation;


 After finishing this lesson with children I have learned that children act and behave differently in different situations which they are in. During this lesson I have learned that children knew what was the play dough and had already made it with adults. This activity was definitely age appropriate for the children I worked with. Because, children were excited to work with me before the lesson was even introduced to them and some children who have passed by the table knew the activity and even told me what I will be doing. The activity lasted in 35 minutes. Children worked with me and during this time period I have learned that children copy and repeat from each other what they hear and do. When children sat on the table all of the materials and poster were ready for them to use and introduce. But before I introduced the activity one child from the group knew about the activity and told others what they were going to do, "He said Were are making play dough".  I feel that the activity was good but it could  be even better, because children had already knew about the activity and they had an experience  with the materials as well. 

      My experience with play dough was interesting, because it was my first time doing it with children. The activity was messy and have thought children to follow the poster which I created for them to learn, measure and use three ingredients to create one final product. Children used their hands to create their dough and they were able to bring it  home. It was interesting when they all got excited when one of the child asked me if they could bring it home and when my response was yes. I found out that children love to keep their projects or products. This activity fulfilled the math lesson as well the reading because children used the measures or adding of cups of ingredients as well they have read the poster. I think I could have make the lesson more interesting and longer if I had used the food coloring, because when I asked at the end from children what they can do with the dough and can they do it at home one child responded that  " we can add food coloring too" I found this statement really interesting because they knew what they can also add or take it out.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.