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Mukumaoy Olimjonova

Sue Carpenter

Edc 2200

                                                My art education.

      Art is an other way of communication. Just like other people talk, art can talk for us. It has its own unique ways to get people to express themselves.Everyone has a different view on what art is, some think it is a beautiful painting while others communicate their feelings through it. It's hard do define what art really is. Art is when you express yourself to others and when you communicate through it. Every art has its own beauty and its up to the person how they see it. I had many memories connecting art and all of them play a huge importance in out life.

           I was very lucky in many ways to grow up around a talented and  a creative  brother. My brother was the first person who introduced me to  art. He was talented in many ways, especially in art. From the age of three I used to draw with him. Most of the time back than I spent with him. I used to wait for him to come home faster after his school was done. He used to show me his work and tell me what it represents. I respected and admired him for sharing his works and teaching me.  Most of the days I would use his materials and draw something. But when my parents moved to a different city, I thought this would be the  end of my art education.

           When we moved, I was six years old getting ready for first grade. I was afraid and did not want to go school and leave my parents. When my first grade teacher Mrs.Maria showed up, she had a big smile on her face. She took my hand and introduced me to my new classmates who were having fun and to my art teacher. After watching the children around and meeting my art teacher I started to feel better. Days passed and one day Mrs. Natalia my art teacher showed up telling me  that we will be painting someone who is spacial to us. I was so exited to see the different colors of paint that I coud use. I painted my brother, who I really missed.Even though it was not great my art teacher liked my work, because it represented my feelings. I gave the picture to my brother which  I had made for him when he visited me.

          Mrs.Natalia was the one who made me feel better, when I did not know anyone. Back than we had an  art class once a week where she would come and teach us about  different art works. Every child in my class would always wait and get excited when she came.One of my favorite projects during nine years of school back then, was drawing our emotions what we thought and felt. Mrs.Natalia gave us a blank sheet of paper and told "use your imagination, experience and put it on a paper" and thats exactly what our class did. Drawing our emotions was something that was new and I loved, because nobody could judge us and tell whats was right and wrong. I remember we did this project in nine grade which was the last year of school for our class. It was last project where many of us got together and drew our friendly class, during this project I expressed myself differently.  So many thoughts and feelings occurred at the same time where I thought I could not put it all on a piece of paper, but I still  managed to do it and try all my best. The results of my drawing s were beautiful, because they were my emotions which I communicated to my classmates. I drew my school. Because during nine years of school I have learned a lot of valuable lessons and made friends with a lot of great teachers and students. This project helped me to communicate my feelings about my school and the role it played. This project was one of the most memorable and at the same time favorite projects of our class.

     Mrs. Natalia was the one who helped us to open up  ourselves and communicate through our drawings.She was one of the greatest teacher in our school. She was the nicest person I've come across, even thought art is not my strongest side, she made me to feel talented. She would make all of her students feel comfortable and find the talent on ddrawing which they have done. She used to say " all of you hiding your talents inside, let it come out". She encouraged me not to be ashamed of my work and do better.Her encouragement made me feel better about my work and confident to show my class. She was the type of person who would find beauty in everything and make it beautiful. She saw everything differently and always would  help anyone around her.I was lucky having her as a teacher and friend. Her lessons were not teacher directed instead she let her students to choose what they want to do on their own. Her room was full of art works which she made and her students works as well. I still keep in touch with her. She inspired me a lot.

         There are many ways for people to express and communicate but art always should be one way.Through art people learn and see things differently. Art helps people to communicate and see the world in many different ways. 

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