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Mukumaoy Olimjonova

Sue Carpenter

Edc 2200

 Lesson plan.

School: Public school 321.

Age: 5-6 (Kindergartners)

Topic; Sculpture




   Construction paper




   Children will be able to try out lots of different objects to create sculpture.

  Children will be able to see the difference of using paper and creating buildings.

 Children will be able to use their fine motor skills


    I will introduce this activity to the children by telling them today they can use objects which I brought to them to  make their sculpture.

Ending the activity;

    After children have finish making their prints I will ask what was different in this activity and what object they liked to use.




      After finishing the lesson on sculpture I learned that children are unique in their own world which they are developing. Each child has their own understanding and opinion of the things that they see and make. This sculpture project helped to understand children and get closer to them and as well feel comfortable with young children in a classroom. 

       While making sculpture I had introduced children to the materials which I brought them to use. I brought tape, construction paper, glue, white sheet of paper, scissors and some envelopes with the cards. I placed each of my materials in the middle of the table where children had great access of reaching and choosing what ever they wanted to do. I asked children to make an art project of the recycled materials they see on their table. Before I introduced the activity to the group of four children, they have made a good guess of the activity which was going to be. Some children told that they're going to be making a collage while one boy from the group said it is not a collage " you make something from the materials ". Which was impressive to hear, and see how he was all interested and involved to his project. He made an arrow weapon out of the recycled paper towel and he used some of the construction paper as an arrow. 

        While other girls who were in a group made flowers for their mothers. Children were aware of the holiday which was coming up and they used cards, while one girl used construction paper and made a flower from it. She made flower and as well she cut off the flowers from the cards and placed on her paper. While she was making she said "I'll make a little holder for it" which was a little circle which she placed on the paper could hold it or carry out. Activity was awesome children love it and some of them wanted to do it again while others from the classroom wanted to join and work with me. It was free choice activity I did not tell anyone anything to do, I just let them to use their imagination. When I was done one of their classmates who saw their work came near me and asked if I could do it again. My overall impression is I love it and enjoyed to see how children can be unique, creative and emotional at the same time.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.