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Mukumaoy Olimjonova

March 28, 2015


Lesson Plan.

Name of the activity; Art  (Collage)

Objective: Children will be able to use their imagination when making collage

                 Children will be able to use their social skills

N-Y city Core Competency: 

          11.With prompting and support, make connections between self, text, and the world around them (text,media,social interaction).


     -Tissue paper                         - Paint brush

     -Cup with glue                         -scissors

      -Construction paper.


    I will prepare all the materials on the table for children so they can work on their art work. The activity will take about 30 to 35 minutes. I want to work in the hall way with children where all of them can work without any distraction.

The activity:

    Introduction; First I will start off by asking the children, if they have done collage before. And then I will refer to their class activity on Friday (author study) and I will tell children they can create their own collage work like Ezra Jacks did.

    Information; I will explain children the activity we will be doing for the day and the materials we will be using.

    Directions; I will explain children that they glue the paper first and then place their collage papers how ever they want. I do not want to show children how to do because they might do the same way I did, and this want help them to use their imagination. 

    Questions That I will ask during the lesson.

  Factual; -What did we use for this activity?

               -How did you use scissors?

   Open-ended;- Tell me about your work?

                       - What can you do or add different?

   Inferential: - What if we did not use glue?

                       What if we did not cut the the tissue paper?

  Bloom's Taxonomy;  List the materials we used for this activity? Which one of them was important to use?

                                  What did you do first? What were the steps?

  Closure;   When children finish working on their art I will gather them in a circle and children can discuss what they liked about the activity and what inspired them to do their work the way they did? And then I will ask them to clean up?



Lesson evaluation: Collage.


 Because of the two activities  that were performed at the same time children were distracted by the different group that were working next to them. However, the activity went well because all of the children seemed to enjoy the activity and had the opportunity to at least make one collage. They seemed engaged and involved while they were doing their collages. Children explored different materials, each child chose materials that they liked to work with. They had different colors of tissue papers. All of the children used scissors to cut the tissue paper and place it on their paper. I brought glue with  paint brushes to stick on the paper. I tried to connect the activity to their curriculum that they have been working before. During the activity I did not want to direct children how to work or make art, I wanted them to learn and use their own imagination to create their own art.
        During this activity I learned that it is really important for children to be in a quiet area that they can think and work without any distraction. The second thing that I learned was to limit the amount of the materials that I have put in the table for children to use. Because I  put a lot of materials for them they have created a messy table and some materials were on the floor. However, everyone learns from their mistakes and experiences. 





DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.