DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.
DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.

                        Group Game.
   Age of children:
Children's age are from four years old to five years old.
  Numbers of children:
I will be working with five students.
1.Children will be able to distinguish auditory discrimination while using the body percussion
2. Children will be able to follow the direction of the song (auditory sequencing)
3. Children will be able to learn to pay attention to the song and follow the game ( auditory awarness).
4. Children will be able to react to the song.
   Warm up;
As always start the lesson with the song which children familiar with. I sang for them Greeting song which is children familiar with.
I sang the song "What shall we do as a group today" for children so they could understand the purpose of the todays lesson. I introduced the song which children participated.
   Title of the song;
"In I run" the song which is really good to use in a group of children especially to the young students.
At the end of the lesson we all said to each other goodbye, and after children really loved me coming nto their classroom and working with them.
   Self evaluation.
During this semester while I was visiting classroom, children really loved me and start to listen, behave and understand why I was working with them. But the most important is I gained the life time lesson working with small group and keep children interested by the unique techniques of music. I really loved to follow the lesson plans which I was doing before my visit and understand the importance of music in children's life. While I was working with children I found out that their memory on music, participation in the classroom and behavior changed. Most of the children which I worked got better and start to talk to me, hug me when every week I went their classroom and participate to my lessons which I did with them during the semester. This semesters work taught me that children should have music astheir requriment, because by music and art children think different and become more creative.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.