DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.
DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.

                            Recording Four.
   Age of children:
Children's age are from four years old to five years old.
    Numbers of children:
I will be working with five students.
1.Children will keep the beat of today's music using body percussion, shakers or rhythm sticks.
2. Children will be able to use their singing voice and the speaking voice.
3. Children will be able to do the instrumental beat by using shakers.
To start the new lesson with children I will refresh their memory of music. I will be singing the chant which I have done in a last lesson. Also I will try to keep the beat while I am doing it for the new song.
In order to introduce the new lesson I will show children my shakers which I brought to this new lesson. I used shakers and told children that they could do the same sound by using their body like hands or feet.
I asked children question to find the beat similar to my shaker.
And couple of times I gave them chance to hold and find the beat.

In this lesson plan children were able to understand the purpose of the beat much better. Because in this lesson all of the children were able to keep the beat and shake the shaker, they had chance to sing and speak which was helpfull for them to understood the difference in voice. Children were had chance to hold the shaker and participate with it. What really amazing was children were questioning me how I did my shaker or what is inside of my shaker. This kind of participation shows me that children are really smart and want to learn new stuffs. Each time when children had chance to get the shaker they were happy and want to play with it. Thankfully they are all did not start to fight, because I thought they all will be fighting to get the shaker first. Children were passion and waited until their turn came. This shows me that children are able to behave well and wait when it comes to their turn.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.