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DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.

Read Aloud Lesson Plan                                                                      Melimaril Fernandez

Edc 30 Section 2


Subject Matter: Read Aloud

Theme or Topic: All about My Body and I

Age/Grade Level: 3-4 years old- Pre-kindergarten

Objectives: The children will further explore the five senses.

                    The children will be able to learn to use their senses appropriately.

                    The children will be able to coordinate senses with particular body part. 

Materials: Book, Me and My Senses by Joan Sweeney


Introduction:  “What have you been learning about the past couple of days?” “Boys and girls I need you to use one of your senses right now to listen to a story.” “What are your five senses?” “What senses do I need to read the story?”


  • Read story.
  • Associate each sense with body part. Children should already be familiar as is the end of this unit.
    (“I taste with my _____”)
  • Page 3: What type of food can be delivered to your house? Page 8: What are some things you like to hear?
  • Ask for name of objects child may or may not be exposed to on a daily basis.

Closure: “So boys and girls tell me what did we read about? So our eyes are for seeing, our ears are for hearing, our nose is for smelling, our tongues are for tasting and our hands are for touching.”

 Assessment:  Now let’s say I say ‘Mm I smell brownies baking!’ What body part am I using?” “What sense do I use with my eyes? What if I use my ears?”

Reflection: The children were eager to hear a story. They were very responsive in associating the senses with the body parts. I feel I chose an appropriate book for them as they understood it fully and better than I expected. Perhaps I should have chosen a more challenging book for them. 

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.