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Puppet Show                                                                                                                                     Edc 30-Section 2

Article 2- Non-Discrimination

Zebra- Marty (Suihong Xu) Tiger- Timmy (Jessica Fabian) Leopard-Sally (Melimaril Fernandez)

Scene 1:

Sally is playing alone.

Scene 2:

Marty and Timmy are playing together.

*Sally enters*

Sally: Hi guys. My name is Sally.

Timmy: Hi Sally, I’m Timmy and this is my friend Marty. We were just playing a game.

Sally: Cool I love games, can I play too?

*Marty and Timmy look at each other, than look sally up and down.*

Timmy: Umm, I don’t think so.

Sally: Why not?

Timmy: Well, you don’t have stripes.

Sally: So?

Timmy: I’ve never had a friend who didn't have stripes.

Marty: Come on Timmy; let’s go play in the sand.

Scene 3

Timmy: oh no! I think my foot is stuck!

Marty: oh no Timmy, I think it's sinking sand!

Marty: Here Timmy, Hold on to this stick.

Timmy: It’s not working!

Marty: I don’t think I’m strong enough Timmy. Wait here I’ll go for help.

Scene 4:

Marty: Help! Help!

Sally: Hey Marty, what’s wrong?

Marty: Sally! Come quick! Timmy is in trouble!

Scene 5:

Timmy: Help! Help!

Sally: Don’t worry Timmy, I’m here to help.

Sally: Hold on to this stick!

Marty: Ready? 1-2-3 Pull!

*Timmy freed from the sinking sand*

Timmy: Thank you, thank you. You helped me even though I didn’t want to play with you. I guess it doesn’t matter if we have spots or stripes. We can all be friends.

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