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Cooking Activity Lesson Plan                                                  Melimaril Fernandez


Edc 30 Section 2


Theme: Making Desserts


Objective: The children will be able to follow and carry out the steps of a recipe.

                  The children will be able to use the materials provided to create a                           healthy snack.


Grade Level/Age of the Children: Pre-kindergarten, 3-4 years old


Materials: Plastic cup, Spoons, Yogurt (Vanilla), Fruit (Strawberry and Blueberry), Granola bits


“Do you boys and girls have an idea of what a Parfait is? Does anyone like yogurt? Today we will be making a Parfait. A parfait is a desert made up of layers of yogurt, fruits and granola.”


Introduce Chart


Discuss and distribute materials.


Together, follow steps on making the Parfait.

  1. Half fill cup with yogurt.
  2. Add two spoons of fruit.
  3. Add yogurt until cup is almost full.
  4. Add granola.
  5. Eat & enjoy! 


Closure and Assessment: So today we made a delicious desert named a _______? If child’s cup looks like the one below, then they have completed the task appropriately.

The children were eager to participate in the activity. They followed directions carefully and took their time making the deserts. Messes were made of course; perhaps if I do repeat this activity, I would with a group of older children. I did not participate in the making of the desert and it’s something I’m sure to do again. I did not want them just to mimic what I had made but to follow directions and create their own. 

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