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   The purpose of education in society and community is for better development and growth.  A developed community nurtures an individual’s growth by providing access to resources within its community. When a community is dense with educated individuals, the community is successful. For a community to become better it should assist the unwanted to become better and later become an asset for the community.

   Educators play a major role in scaffolding every child. An educated child will take home the teachings and show others that options exist. Educators must always promote success in children. Children will believe in themselves if at least one individual can believe in their strengths.

   In addition, children also learn in play base environments. Through Friedrich Froebel theories many children have been successful in their education. Learning through play is a strong method of teaching for young children. They will always believe that they are playing but as educators we understand their growth development. Children whom are in preschool should be learning through manipulatives and thematical centers.

   My philosophy on education is to embrace every child and provide an environment in where everyone is accounted for equally. Understandably, that no child is alike to the other. I believe in providing a classroom where the necessary essentials will be provided and more, to enhance the child individual abilities. I will use my classroom as the foundation to the many seeds I will educate, water them as necessary for them to bloom prosperous and successfully.

   Providing a centered base classroom will help a child learn something different and enhance their abilities to their liking and at their own pace with everything provided for them. I will shadow children to scaffold them and provide positive reinforcement. Providing children with praise I feel they feel acknowledged. The method I will provide allows children to engage in learning by being involved with hands-on lessons. I believe that most children if not all learn from hand-on, and visual lessons. They will each grow with my methods of teaching. The children I teach will be provided the necessary strength expected from them to grow in their future education.

   In conclusion, one other of my priorities as an educator is culture. The culture I would bring to my students in my classroom would be respect. I believe that to be respected or receive respect is learning to become a listener. Being a listener is very important, not just listening to me as their educator but listening to each other. In order to listen to each other we must learn to respect one another. Many children don’t feel respected and I find that an unacknowledged student goes unheard and they are more difficult to teach. Teaching children in my class respect as a team would be number one in my methods of teachings. Once children respect and listen to each other, listening and understanding to me as their educator will be simple.


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.