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STEP 2: Uploading your video to ePortfolio from Youtube.

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For the video recordings, use Image/Video/Audio module, but instead of uploading the file directly to your e-Portfolio, use Youtube or Vimeo and embed a link to the video on your e-Portfolio. Here are the steps:




*** Tips on Recording Video ***



  • Keep the recording under 10mins (especially if you are recording on your mobile device). If you need to record longer than 10mins, pause/play the recording at the 10min point mark, so that file(s) remains under a manageable size.
  • To ensure the audio quality keep the recording device as close as possible to your head with the mic directed towards you.
  • Change the recording format to MOV, MP4, AVI or WMV, if your recording device alllows you to. This will eliminate the need of converting the file format before you can upload the file to your e-Portfolio.
  • Consider checking out equipments (camcorder, mic, tripod) from the department for field recording.
  • Unless you have a release form from the parents, set up the camera in a way that children/students are not visible.




Upload your video on either Youtube or Vimeo with the privacy set to either "Public" or "Unlisted." If you don't have a Youtube/Vimeo account, and rather not create one, visit the lab tech during the lab hours to have your video uploaded on the Youtube account created for the Education Program.



Click on Add a Module in the page that you are uploading your video to. (If you don't have a page for your assignment yet, refer to steps here to create a new page for your assignment). Choose Image/Video/Audio among the module types and click on Add This Module on the bottom.





Right above the module that you have just added, click on Edit tab, and then Add Media to the right.








When "My Assets" box appears, switch to Media From Web on the top, and insert the embed code to your video in the box next to Embed. The embed link is not the same as the url of the video page.


Embed code on Youtube

Embed code on Vimeo





After you enter the embed code, close the "My Assets" box by clicking on Done







As you do with any new content on e-portfolio, you will need to publish the module for the linked video to be visible on your e-portfolio. Each module has a Publish tab you can use to do this, but it's usually easiest to scroll to the top of the page and click Publish This Page (followed by Publish All Changes), which will publish all the modules on your page at once.






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