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You may use either Image/Video/Audio module or Gallery module to upload audio recording(s) to your e-Portfolio. Use Image/Video/Audio module if you are uploading a single audio file. If you have multiple audio files to upload for the same assignment, use Gallery Module instead. The steps below uses a Image/Video/Audio module module, but the basic procedure is the same for Gallery.  








Click on Add a Module in the page you are uploading the pictures to. (If you don't have a page for your assignment yet, refer to steps here to create a new page for your assignment). Choose Image/Video/Audio among the module types, and click on Add This Module on the bottom.





Right above the module that you have just added, click on Edit tab, and then Add Media to the right.








When "My Assets" box appears, click on Browse For Media, and browse for the picture you are uploading to this particular page. When the upload finishes, close the "My Assets" box by clicking on Done








As you do with any new content on e-portfolio, you will need to publish the module for the picture to be visible on your e-portfolio. Each module has a Publish tab you can use to do this, but it's usually easiest to scroll to the top of the page and click Publish This Page (followed by Publish All Changes), which will publish all the modules on your page at once.






DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.