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Enrolling yourself to the ECE courses that you are currently taking is necessary in order to add your instructors to the permission list on your e-portfolio. If your instructors are not added to the permission list properly, your instructor WILL NOT BE ABLE TO SEE AND GRADE YOUR E-PORTFOLIO. Please contact the computer lab tech if you need assist on this.






Login to your Digication account.





In the homepage, locate My Courses and click on Find on the right.





Search for your EDU course either by scrolling down the list or typing in the course number in the search bar (i.e., "EDC31"), and click on View next to the course.






Make sure that the course number, time, professor, and section are correct, and click on Enroll.





Click on Home on the top left of your page, which takes you back to your homepage (where you started). Repeat the steps to enroll yourself in other ECE courses (EDC courses, HUM 02 & HUM 81) that you are taking this semester (you don't need to enroll yourself in the courses you've taken in previous semesters).







Now go in to your e-Portfolio and click on Settings under Portfolio Tools on the top right.






In the Settings, scroll down to Permissions, and add permission to the course(s) you have just enrolled yourself in. You can search for the courses by the course name (e.g. "EDC20") DO NOT ADD INDIVIDUAL INSTRUCTORS TO THE PERMISSION LIST. Change the roles: Remove the permission that ends with "... students" and change the role of the permission that ends with "... faculty" to Admin.






Once you set the permissoins for all of your EDC courses, scroll down and click on Save button.


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