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You may create as many e-portfolios as you would like on your Digication account. However, please be sure to upload all of your ECE program work in a single e-portfolio. You are using this one e-portfolio for the rest of your study in the program. Please avoid creating e-portfolio for each semester, class, or assignment.





Under My Portfolio (in your homepage), click on Create button.








STEP 2: 

Title your portfolio in the following syntax:

Firstname_Lastname_EDU_e-Portfolio (i.e., Jessica Doe EDU e-Portfolio)










Under Choose a Template, select ECE Portfolio Template.









Set Permissions to Private to me, and click on Custom Permissions. You will need to add the courses you are enrolled in. DO NOT search for the instructor's name to add him/her to your permission list. Instead, search and add your EDU class (i.e., EDC20 Th 12:40-2:50....) to the list.




When you add a course to your permission, two permissions get added to the list: one that ends with the word Faculty and another that ends with Students. Remove the Student permission, and keep the Faculty, but change the role of Faculty from Viewer to Admin. If there is any other EDU course that you are currently taking, do the same for those courses.




*You must enroll yourself in the courses before adding them in your permission list. If your course doesn't appear in the permission search bar, you're likely not enrolled in the course, in which case, refer back to Enrolling in Course section of the tutorial, or contact the computer lab tech for assist. 








Select Do not allow tags under Tagging. Keep the Comments setting as they are.







Click on Create New Portfolio. You now have an e-Portfolio to start uploading your work!




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