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Lauren Frisone

Sept, 29, 2013


                                                     Read Aloud

                          Book:  " Ladybug Girl" by David Soman & Jacky Davis


1.)Ask & Answer questions about key details in a text.

2.) Use illustrations & details in a story to describe it's character's setting or events

3.) Make connections between self, text & the world around them.


4 Domains:




During the read aloud the children should demonstrate from the story, there own response to the questions or comments I will be asking. The only physical benefit from this activity should be raising their hands to respond, sitting on the floor & listening to the story.




During the read aloud, children will be demonstrating their own ideas of what might being occurring in the story. From the this book "Ladybug Girl" the children will learn, that by using your imagination & creativity you can do anything you put your mind too. They will discover they fun that could be found in the outdoors by exploring too.




The children can get a sense of empowerment & satisfaction from proving to themselves that they can use their imagination & exploration & goals in their minds to accomplish their goals /dreams.

Socially. They will also learn, that it is hurts peoples feelings to put them down like Lulu's brother did when he called her "too little to play".  But also shows them that in this case you ca take a negative feeling & turn it into a happy feeling. Proves to kids they have to be positive & don't let others tell you you can accomplish  your goals.






  • My notes & questions I will be asking the children before, during & after the story
  • My book "Ladybug Girl"
  • Class participation
  • Location will be children sitting on the rug & I will be reading the book on a chair in front of the classroom.






Introduction of the book, I will start by Introducing the Title: Ladybug Girl & author by David Somer & Jacky Davis. 

Questions: Cover of Book


Me: Just by looking at the cover, what might you think this story could be about?

Children's Response: A dog & a girl


Me: Do you think her costume might have something to do with what this story is about? (She's feeling like a super hero)

Children's Response: Yes, she is dressed up in a ladybug costume


Me: Do you think by the way she's standing there, shows how she might be feeling, or even her facial expressions?

Children's Response: She's smiling & her arms on her sides show she's confident


Me: Do you notice where she is?

Children's Response: She's outside


Me: So maybe this book might have to do with Ladybug girl doing something outside with her dog BINGO


I will begin to read the story of "Ladybug Girl":

During the story at page #3


Me: Does anyone have an older sibling that sometimes doesn't allow you to do something?

Children's Response: children will explain 


Me: How does it make you feel? So maybe Lulu's feeling the same way!!


Pg. #5

Me: Why do you think Lulu feels all alone in a room full of all her toys?

Children's Response: Bc her brother doesn't want to play w/ her. 

Her parents are too busy to play w/ her.


Pg. #8

Me: Lulu is beginning to realize that she can have fun, by doing good deeds!

** How do you think she feels after helping the ants?

Children's Response: 



Me: Lulu feels theres nothing too big or too small that she's allowed to do!


Pg. #11

Me: Why would Lulu jump in the lake if she thinks there could be sharks in the water?

Children's Response: Bc she's feeling brave & confident felt like a superhero


Me: How do you think Lulu is feeling after her older brother is putting her down?

Children's Response: Sad, upset & alone


Me: Who do you thinks having a better time Lulu & Bngo or her brother & his friends?

(sometimes what you might think is a better situation is not always what it seems to be)

Children: Lulu & Bingo, bc she's exploring outdoors & creating things to do


Me: Do you think Lulu found fun things to do with Bingo outside?

Children;s Response: Yes, she went into shark infested waters, she had a sidekick (Bingo) Skip over huge & twisty tree trunks & helped ants by moving a big rock & listened to swallows & birds chipping in a tree.




After reading the story "Ladybug Girl" I would ask all the children a few questions about the story.


Me: How would you describe Lulu?

Children: Fun, Happy, Creative, Imaginative,confident, strong, & empowered



Me:Did you like the end of the story? why? How would you change the end of the story if you could?

Children: Lulu's brother should have apologized to her for being mean to her.


Me: If you could dress up as an imaginary thing, what would you be?

Children: explain


Me: If you had to make your own fun outside, what ind of things would you think to do?

Children: explain 






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DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.

Lauren Frisone       

Oct 7, 2013


                                           Read Aloud Reflection

                                                "Ladybug Girl"


Date of Lesson: Oct 4, 2013


In what ways did this activity go the way you imagined it?

The read aloud was successful in my class of 30 students. Usually my class is a bit rowdy, although as I predicted all the students love story time. The children were eager to hear about the book. Most of the students were engaged & participating in the questions I asked pertaining to the story! They were learning & finding solutions & comparing their reality to the story & enjoying it all at the same instance, it was truly memorable experience. 


In what way was it different from how you imagined it?

I didn't expect the children to be that interested in the story or even paying attention to the read aloud as well as they did.  I really didn't expect to be so animated with each character as I had been. The story & questions went smoothly, which I was scared it wouldn't have at some points.


What went well?

The read aloud went well, because each student was focusing on the story & the illustrations of the book. When I animated each characters voice, I felt it kept them interested & motivated to hear more. By, me getting into character I feel this allowed the children to participate in my lesson. When I read I was fully devoted & involved in the story myself, I wasn't rushing my words or flipping fast through the pages, but I paced myself enough for the kids to enjoy & soak in the information I provided.


What went badly?

Well, I felt the only part of the lesson that didn't go according to how I would like was that the children might not have understood the true meaning of the story. The book itself did not give circumstances clearly enough for children at this age to grasp. Some questions were close-ended, the children were not responding to the questions in much detail. I felt they didn't grasp the concept of some of my questions, maybe they were not age appropriate?


"Learning Objectives"

What do you think the children learned & what's your evidence that they learned it?

I believe the children learned from the book ( Ladybug Girl)  that Lulu (Ladybug) was a girl who was happy  & found many fun things to do outside. They answered   "Lulu was fun, happy & positive" . The students learned to use critical thinking to answer my questions, retrieve the information & process the material that was being read. They thought about what questions I asked and for the most part answered back with deep conceptions & relevance to the questions.


What would you do differently next time? 

Next time I might introduce a more interesting topic, which I feel will seize their interest & get them to be focused, engaged & intrigued. Next time I might use a hand puppet or a prop to read aloud, to make the experience memorable & productive. I might have the children complete an activity either before of after the story to help generate concrete learning & a more hands on approach to really get the kids involved & motivated to want to read on their on.


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