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Lauren Frisone

Oct 17, 2011

HUM 81

Prof. Katz



Be Glad








               Jack Prelutsky




This book of poems is Amazingly brilliant, the Author Jack Prelutsky shows us that language can be played with, that it can be fun. The genre of this poem book would be considered limericks, which are humorous poems and also narrative who mean they tell a story, and sometimes rhyme. The poems he creates are so imaginative and unique, he builds characters from things you would normally never think to correlate with another. This books carries rhymes and imaginary animals and objects (food, ect) ,  stories are very original and unexpected characters will glorify you as well as children I am sure. I read It's Hard to Be an Elephant, the elephants explains why he can't do all the beloved things he wishes because of his size, it's cute because of the rhyming and narrative like qualities it has.  The illustrations in this book are incredible, they are executed to perfection, the pictures of all the animals are bright, intricate and fun. They are done by watercolor, take on a realistic demeanor, which actually enticed me to keep reading the poems. I could see why kids would be drawn to such a book of poems are humorous, intellectual, and stunning picture will keep children involved with poetry. The characters in this book of poems varies, most are animals, some are dinosaurs , and evil witches. Each  poem is very descriptive about the subject, for instance when Prelutsky  compares and elephant to a ballerina, how elegant they both move and allows you to be drawn into the poem with its illustrations and rhyming once again. The Egg, In this poem, he's teaching you about how a baby chick is hatched from an egg, orderly he's rhyming so maturely, but still understandable to children. the theme of this book is to teaches children about everyday things, while engaging it with mystical characters, imagination and beautiful pictures to keep kids intrigued and wanting more. This book I would have on my book shelf in my classroom it is brilliantly written and it evoking,educational and the words are mature enough for kids to understand and learn on their own.



DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.