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                                                                                        Sept. 16 2014
Prof. Schneider                                            LOG 1                                                      EDC 90


1. P.S 203 Floyd Benette 5105 Ave M Brooklyn, Ny 11234

2. Public school program an inclusion classroom 

3. 28 children in the class 16 boys 12 girls age group is 5-6 yrs old

4. The only child I really see stressed is the child who is showing some violence towards the other students. But he seems very happy but is aggressive. The teacher handles him by seating him at a separate table alone. There are 2 children with language needs, they speak English but have a hard time writing it. 

5. The child that is violent is in control in the lunch room where the kids are unattended to. He shows a bullish side to him and plays with the other boys but is usually very aggressive towards them. 

6. Since my classroom is an inclusion class.  We have 2 teachers one that focuses on speech and vocabulary. The other teacher does math and science. 

7.  The teacher introduced me to the children when I came in the room by saying my name and basically that was all. 

8. Yes I did explain to both teachers that I will be there to help them and the kids in anyway. Lesson plans with the children. 

9. See attached paper for floor plan. I like that the children's chairs have tennis balls on the bottom.  To glide through the floor easily. The room arrangement is kind of small it's hard to maneuver around the room. Carpet area barely seats all the kids on the rug. 

10. The rug area is where Mrs. Cadette does the read aloud every day to the children it's where they can truly discuss among their peers their ideas and socialize with the other students freely. Also, the stories help critical thinking and also Re a time for the kids to let loose, relax and discuss ideas. 

11. There is always 3 buckets on each table filled with crayons and pencils. 

12. The classroom is both behaviorist. The class room is teacher directed for the most part of the day. Even down to the dead aloud the children are told what to do even when thinking about a question asked. 

13.  Monday morning introduction to spelling and vocab. Morning message for writing. Read aloud, then movie and lunch.  Friday vocab and spelling test. Read aloud and science then lunch. It is a closely fitted schedule. 

I like that there are 2 teachers in this large classroom each student is given the opportunity to participate in the lessons and aren't left behind if they don't understand.  The classroom is very organized and the children are well behaved. It is a behaviorist atmosphere, there is no room for creatively or hand-on learning. I prefer more constructive learning with a more hands on approach. I feel that children will build a foundation from hands on activties, allowing them to retain the knowledge by doing it on their own, with their own experiences.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.