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General Goals

The child will be able to:
1. Increase Vocabulary
2. Increase Curiosity
3. Increase Language
4. Increase Fine Motor Skills
5. Increase in language use
6. Increase sharing ability

Behavioral Objectives:

1. share the glue with other children
2. select different color leaves
3. compare with other children
4. make a book with the leaves

Materials Needed:
Four shoe boxes
Four index cards
Four markers red, brown, green, yellow
2 bottles of glue
Leaves from outside about a bag full
50 sheets of fall colored paper
Book: Fall Leaves Fall by: Zoe Hall
Fall leaves coloring sheets about 30

Preparation and Setting Up
Gather materials
Read over the book before presenting it to the class.
Write the names of the colors on the index cards in the correct color marker.
Place the index cards on the shoe boxes
Make 20 books with 5 sheets of colored paper and the string holding them together
Preserve the leaves you are going to use by placing each one in the middle of wax paper and ironing them before you give them to the children.
Print off coloring sheets.

Procedure: (Include a full explanation of the activity and how you, the teacher are involved.)
Step 1: the teacher will start off by reading the Fall Leaves Fall book to the group. Did you enjoy this book? Ask 2 students (what are your favorite color leaves?) After you have read the book have the children choose an activity they would like to do. Have the children get in groups of four.

Step 2: have the children sit at the table and let each child take 10 leaves of their choice from the bag. Have the children tell you why they chose that leaf. Ask each child (what does the leaf feel like?) Set out the shoe boxes on the table and have the child put their leaves in the correct color coated boxes.

Step 3: have the child stay at their seats hand out the books that are already created to the children. Set out 2 bottles of glue on the table. Tell the child (we are going to work on sharing today.) tell the child to make a book with there favorite color leaves. After they have glued the leaves down the teacher needs to help them write the color of the leaf underneath. Ask the children (what letter does leaf start with?) before the child leaves the station give them a coloring sheet to take home.

Step 4: When the child begins to finish they may select another activity.

1. What color are the leaves on the trees?
2. What are some fall colors?
3. Can you tell me the difference between these 2 leaves?
4. What does the leaf feel like?


Only use small amounts of glue
No talking when the teacher is talking
Use your inside voice
Keep your hands to yourself
Only four children at a station at a time
Transition: The teacher will sing The Leaves on the Trees and everyone will clean up there stations and get ready for circle time.

The Leaves on The TreeSung to:

"The Wheels on The Bus"Copyright © 2000 Barbara Pratt. All rights reserved.
The leaves on the tree are falling down,falling down, falling down.The leaves on the tree are falling down, Red, yellow, orange, and brown.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.