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General Goal(s): The students will be able to differentiate between different jobs and the goals that they accomplish. They will learn different jobs that they can do, and why they would need to do those jobs.

Grade Level: Kindergarten

Concept / Topic To Teach: Jobs around the house and community that are necessary to function
Standards Addressed:
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Specific Objectives:

Students will be able to: Students will be able to name different jobs around the house or town (making your bed, washing dishes, following laws, etc) that they can do and why they need to do them. This lesson is significant in that it will teach children to preform tasks to help out at home and around town.

Required Text and Materials: (List complete book citation in APA style)
Pictures of people performing different tasks that you will discuss (making bed, washing dishes, stopping at a stop sign, etc)

Step-By-Step Procedures:
You will discuss the different jobs that children can do to help out and show them the pictures of people performing these tasks. You will then ask the children to think of one task that they do at home or around the town that would help others out. Ask then to draw a picture of the task, and then allow each student to share their picture with the class.

Plan For Independent Practice:
For independent practice, the students will be drawing a picture of a task or job that they can complete.

Closure Questions:
Did the students learn to differentiate different jobs and why they are important, as indicated by the state frameworks? Did students’ presentation skills in presenting their work improve?

How Will You Assess Student Learning?
To assess student learning, I will listen to the students presentation of a job that they can perform. If the students discuss something other than a job, I will mentally note that they do not understand the task, and we will review jobs and tasks after they present.

One way to adapt the lesson (e.g., for students with learning disabilities):

Students who need a modified lesson could be required to only talk about their job, instead of draw a picture. Gifted and talent students could be asked to write a sentence or paragraph to accompany their picture, and limited English speaking students could be asked to tell us about a job that they might do in their native culture.

One way to extend the lesson (e.g., for gifted students):
Ask the students to go home and find out what jobs their parents do around the house or community. We could discuss how each of these jobs helps the family and members

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.