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DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.






General Goals
The child will be able to:
1. increase fine motor skills by counting.
2. be more flexible when thinking.
3. increase the ability to attend.
4. increase memorization.

Behavioral Objects
1. use there fine motor skills by threading the fruit loops through the string.
2. create a necklace with fruit loops by counting to ten.
3. relate their age to the numbers in the book.
4. tell the colors that were on Toucan Sam.

Materials Needed
Construction paper about 40 pieces Squares numbered 1-10
Froot Loops 1 Box
Scissors 1 pair
Yarn or String
Froot Loops Counting fun book By: Barbara Barbieri Mcgrath

Preparation and Setting Up
Gather Materials
Cut 30 Strings for the necklaces about 2 feet long.
Read over book before reading it to the class.
Cut construction paper into squares. Four squares out of one piece of paper.
Number squares 1-10

Procedure (Include a full explanation of the activity and how you, the teacher are involved.)

Step 1: The teacher will Read the Froot Loops Counting Fun Book to the group. The teacher will have the children tell the number aloud that Toucan Sam is holding in the book. (Childs Name) Can you show me how many numbers Toucan Sam is holding up with your fingers? (Ask this question to 3 students throughout the book.) Pick one child for this question (Childs Name) Is your age the same as the number Toucan Sam is holding up? Finish reading the book. Ask Question to 2 students (Childs name) did you like the book?

Step 2: Have the children sit at a table. Distribute 2 numbered squares in front of each child, and about 30 Froot Loops.
Ask the child what the number is on their card (one by one) and tell them to place that many Froot Loops on the card. Check the cards and tell the child good job if correct or try again if wrong be positive. Have the children try until they get it right or get bored with this.

Step 3: Next Give the children one piece of string and tell them to make a necklace. Have the children count aloud while putting the Froot Loops on the string until they reach 10. The teacher needs to ask the children why did you choose those colors for your necklace?

Step 4: As the children begin to finish they may select another activity.

1. Tell me what colors you liked that were on Toucan Sam, and why.
2. Tell me what color Froot Loops you are going to use for your necklace.
3. Why did you choose those colors for your necklace?
4. Tell me what you enjoyed most about the book.

Construction paper

Use your inside voices.
There should only be five children at a station at a time.
Keep your hands to yourself.
Keep the food out of your mouth until we are done with the lesson.
Keep the food on the table.

The teacher will sing the cleanup song and everyone will clean up their stations, and get ready for circle time.

This Is The Way Sung to: "This is the way"
This is the way we pick up our toys,pick up our toys,pick up our toys...This is the way we pick up toys before we have our snack.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.