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Chauntele Jefferson

Professor Morales
"Art Activity:Torn paper collage"
Lesson Plan format
Subject matter: Torn Paper Collage
Age of the children/ Grade level: Five and six year old.
Objective: The children in this activity ate five and six year olds. The activity I will be offering is Torn paper collage. My goal for this activity are for the children to explore new materials, and have fun while learning.
Color tissue paper
White paper
Procedure:(Sequence/Steps to follow to teach the new concept(s)/skills
Introduction:(Motivation and or Anticipation
For my Torn Paper Collage art activity I will try to motivate the children by asking questions about this activity. I will also demonstrate the activity to the children by showing them how a paper collage can be done without using any sissors or a pencil. 
Step 1: I will setup the different materials that is going to be used in the art activity.
Step 2:Next I will demostrate the torn paper collage activity wothout using any sissors or a pencil by showing them how to rip the torn paper, and then placed glue on the torn to create the collage.
Step 3: I will give the children different colors of the tissue paper to help them create their paper collage. I will also give out white paper so the children will be able to create the collage.
Step 4: I then asked the children how the texture of the paper feels.
Step 5: The children will need to gather the rest of the materials that they going to need to create their collage.
Step 6: I will then tell the children to finish they last touches on their collage, then start cleaning up the materials.
Assement/ Evalution of the children: At the end of this activity I asked questions about the Torn Paper Activity. I will also ask the children about what they learned about this activity and see will they do this activity again.
DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.