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My Educational Philosophy



        For as long as I can remember, I’ve always had an interest and passion in working with and teaching children. It began when I was in the seventh grade. I attended a Magnet Junior high school where we had to attend a Daycare center during our health period, once a week. Something about the interaction and the genuine love I felt from the children and teachers is what made me realize that maybe this is something I can do as a career one day.
        My passion began shortly after; I then wanted to be a family psychologist; so I can help families understand one another and get along better. But what really drew my attention the most was when I gave birth to my now teenage son. After having my very own child; I realized the importance of education, as well as the importance and necessity for any child’s physical, mental and emotional state to grow in order to live an overall successful life. There are a wide variety of education philosophies I agree with; John Dewey and Lucy Sprague Mitchell specifically have theories I agree with one hundred percent. They shared very similar beliefs because Lucy also believed John Dewey’s educational theory. Dewey believed in hands on experiences as well as Mitchell believed in a teacher being a whole teacher; empathizing on the teacher intellectually building the child but also building their emotional and mental state. Which will help produce a whole child; a child who is learning and engaging at the same time and who knows the importance of community involvement.
       As I grew wiser, I realized my passion and mission in life was to be that difference in any child’s life. As a child, experiencing foster care and the death of my biological father at the age of 11 years old I truly believe it’s made me more relatable and compassionate for any child I come in contact with, or previously worked with, and definitely students I’ll work with in the future. I believe all of the greatest educational figures and psychologists are the ones who have real life experiences and trauma that have shaped them to become dedicated to making a positive impact on educational history. This is also what has kept me passionate in the Child Care field.
In my opinion, the role of any child care provider or teacher should play the role of not only an educator but also an extended family member; as far as being an emotional and mental support system.
      I believe education is one of the most important and valuable necessities. I believe a child should be spoken to and educated or informed as soon as they start talking. I’ve learned through studies and raising my own son that a child’s brain is like a sponge and they soak up or take in the information they hear or that’s being presented to them. It’s how my son went to Pre-Kindergarten already knowing his English alphabet, numbers, colors, and Arabic alphabet; something I am very proud of helping him accomplish. That minor step I took helped my son be one of the smartest kids in his class, up to date.
I believe education is a very important key to an overall successful life. The purpose of education is to prepare the child for the future and to become a positive influence and addition to society and their community. In an educational setting children should not only learn academic standardize testing, but also learn about environmental and social aspects of the world.
       My dreams include starting my own child care services, offering babysitting services and after school care for parents of the less fortunate. I want to be able to provide extra services for parents who have a difficult time especially single parents in raising and taking care of their children. This has been inspired by my personal experience and being a single mother. Growing up in Brownsville, Brooklyn, NY; I became very aware of all the problems associated with residing in an urban community; high crime rate, nuclear families, and overpopulation are just a few. I want to one day own my own Daycare and Youth Center as well. Doing these things will allow me to not just help the students learn academically but also allow me to work with them personally, work with their parents more one on one; and help expand their intellect outside of the school system. I want to include many activities that involve hands on participation, arts and crafts, poetry, field trips, community engagements, guest speakers for career goals, and the list goes on. I’ve chosen these particular roles because I believe that I can still teach the student; as well as interact with them on a more personal level that every child needs. This passion evolved from my love for psychology and future career goals in child psychology. As I stated earlier I wanted to peruse family psychology; my original major was Liberal Arts Psychology and after years of experience with children and my own child I’ve decided my long term goal in school will be receiving my PhD in Child Psychology.

      I briefly mentioned some methods and strategies I’ll do to accomplish my teaching skills. But I’ll also be aware of all my students and make sure I communicate with them and their parents. I want to teach the youth and young adults overall about life. I think it’s very important for the youth to be aware of their surroundings and their capabilities of being successful and being a positive influence in this world.

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